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The Magruder Companies

     Since 1969
The Magruder Companies is a group of locally owned and operated businesses within the construction and aggregate mining industry.  The Magruder Companies are located throughout the communities of eastern Missouri, providing employment to area residents.  The Magruder Companies are equal opportunity employers.
Magruder Paving, LLC.


     Magruder Paving, LLC produces high quality asphalt products for the construction industry, and performs heavy highway, overlays, and custom paving.   Magruder Paving  is a proven leader in building high quality roads across the state of Missouri.  


Phone Information

Magruder Paving :
(636) 528 - 4180
Magruder Limestone :
(636) 528 - 4180
G & M Concrete & Asphalt:
(636) 528-7779
Magruder Limestone Company, Inc.


    Magruder Limestone Company is a wholeseller of crushed limestone products.  Located in Troy, MO, we provide aggregate products as solutions to all your construction needs.  Magruder Limestone offers both commercial and state-certified limestone products for the Eastern Missouri region.  

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G & M Asphalt Company, Inc.


     G & M Asphalt Company, Inc. produces high quality asphalt products for the construction industry.  Our products range from surface mixes, bituminous bases, and of course state-inspected and certified Superpave. G&M Asphalt Company is a proven leader in providing high quality asphalt to contractors and the state of Missouri.  

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